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wtorek, 19 wrzesień 2017
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środa, 29 grudzień 2010
Klincz – polski zespół muzyczny, założony we wczesnych latach 80. XX w. w Poznaniu przez Ryszarda Kniata.

Grupa Klincz przez wielu zapomniana, a szkoda. Latarnik to dla wielu utwór ponadczasowy - coś jak Pink Floyd - na wstępie lekkie wprowadzenie grane na gitarze, budujące klimat - aż do tego syntezatorowego szaleństwa na finał, od którego słuchania wpada się w trans. Te końcowe mewy troszkę przypominają właśnie "Echoes" Pinków :).

The history of polish New Romantics seems to correspond in some way with 80s Poland history in general.Eternal lack of anything in terms of food products as well as almost everything else was the crucial sign of those times.Buying West-made instruments like synthesizers,drum machines,was very hard to execute and If you haven't had any companion in Communist Party and no family or friends abroad nearly impossible.This is the main reason of polish synthpop/new wave/ scene misere and a fact that polish acts were delayed comparing to Western Europe and the UK(first new romantic band Kapitan Nemo was formed in 1983 when New Romanticism hype in England was nearly forgotten already).Nevertheless polish artists managed to follow western music trends,and one of the examples are Klincz/Clinch.Well I don't know anything special about them,until today there isn't any info or biography available.The band was founded by Ryszard Kniat in the early 80s.They released two studio albums 1984 "Goraczka/Fever"(which you can find on Rob's blog) and "Jak lodu bryla" in 1988, featuring popular pop singer Urszula,to split in the end of the decade. .Ryszard Kniat himself composed also several tracks for other artists such as Krzysztof Krawczyk,previously mentioned Urszula,or Magdalena Durecka.Jak lodu bryla is more synth sound like as it's predessesor ,Goraczka and shows Klincz musical evolution throughout the eighties,from rock with electronic inclinations towards straight synthpop,romantic sounds.With cold ,sometimes subtle and melancholic tunes wrapped up with synth arrangements,this material reminds me of Pseudo Echo's Autumnal Park atmosphere.In retrospect "Jak lodu bryla" is worth of giving it a try,and remains one of the most significant albums of the polish synthpop/new romantic scene.
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