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środa, 20 wrzesień 2017
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ANATHEMA - We're Here Because We're Here [DVD-A]
środa, 19 marzec 2014
ANATHEMA - We're Here Because We're Here [DVD-A]
KScope, kscope154

Genre:Progressive Metal
Extractor:DVD Decrypter Version
Add by:jarpomarx

    1. Thin Air
    2. Summernight Horizon
    3. Dreaming Light
    4. Everything
    5. Angels Walk Among Us
    6. Presence
    7. A Simple Mistake
    8. Get Off, Get Ou

You know what's incredible? Existence is entirely unaccountable. By this, I mean the following: mankind will never be able to come to terms with the fact that everything exists, and that simply being is one of the most marvelous things to blow one's own mind with the thought of. People who cling to religious idolatry and picturesque, anthropomorphic deities even run into this roadblock when it comes to questioning the very nature of the god they worship. The Catholics tried to convince my eight-year old mind, "He simply always was, and he always will be." Even if the creation of a creator was untraceable infinitywise, it leaves the fact that such an omniscient being was allowed to be through... through what? He couldn't have willed himself, because that would be there existed some form of him to do the making. No matter what we do, within this subset of human understanding and this world of constant betterment and improvement, we will never know everything. We will never get to figure out how everything is, and if there even is a why. This ignorance isn't something to cower over, or to trudge your skeptic's fists through your hair and moan about; it's something to be basked in, to cherish and to love over its incredible splendor.

I feel like that is the mission statement of We're Here Because We're Here, admittedly coming to mind thanks to the title, but making me feel like Anathema has grown in such an endearing way over the years. I used to know this band as a strong proponent of pillow clutcher's rock, churning out some of the most miserable concoctions that my young, lucky ears have ever gotten to bear witness to. It's downright shocking to see a group that relied on brooding moodiness to allure their fanbase, now in a state of happy-go-lucky optimism. Their darkness has been traded in for a dazzling thousand supernovas, and the result is pristine and beyond what my petty words could ever immure. Where I'd once think of Anathema as the taciturn young gent who hogs the armchair all night, I now see him as the lit individual who excitedly tells stories with a crowd gathering around him. He was once known as the weirdo, the oddity, the recluse... now, he's the life of the fucking party. A cynophilist on a trip to the pound. An astronaut who discovered the formula for hyperdrive. An icicle within the haven of deep winter. A theoretical physicist who reverses the portal's deadly havoc wrecking from the past several decades of Combine oppression...

(sorry, too much Valve gaming for one month)

I'm sure that this release has made a great number of people sore, but not (for once) because of its content or due to heartbreaking portrayals of tremendous sadness. The people who liked to be miserable at the release of Alternative 4 are probably no longer doing so, but the few who refuse to get with the present times will probably feel the sting of a band that left them in the dust. As our pains evolve and slowly manifest into recovered contentment, only those of us who moved on with this act can come to discover what an emotionally cognitive, stunningly beautiful masterpiece of human commitment this record is. Anathema is so humble, catching the ear with nothing but pure love in the things they do and prohibiting the raise of a single meretricious finger. All of this is genuine and absolutely enthralling to get to be a part of, even for those who don't fully get or encompass what's going on. This is the sort of music that I think many of us end up looking for eventually, and whether or not we find it, it's nice to know that its discovery is not a pipe dream.

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