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środa, 20 wrzesień 2017
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ECHOLYN - I Heard You listening [CD]
wtorek, 08 sierpień 2017
ECHOLYN - I Heard You listening [CD]
Not On Label (Echolyn Self-released)

Genre:Prog Rock
Extractor:EAC 1.0 b1
Codec:WavPack 4.6

    1 Messenger Of All's Right 6:23
    2 Warjazz 5:16
    3 Empyrean Views 9:18
    4 Different Days 7:47
    5 Carried Home 5:10
    6 Once I Get Mine 5:40
    7 Sound Of Bees 6:57
    8 All This Time We're Given 7:58
    9 Vanishing Sun 7:34

Echolyn consists of five musicians that focus on gorgeous melodies, complemented by thoughtful music and lyrics. The music twists and turns covering a wide sonic scope, Vocalist Ray Weston has the uncanny ability to convey anger, hope, and sadness in his delivery; he is one of the most emotive singers I have ever heard. But the bands secret weapon are the lush vocal harmonies flowing throughout each song. Keyboardist Chris Buzby truly shines, his subtle piano lines float through many tracks, and yet he can punch you in the gut with swirling, growling Hammond organ, and then lift you with his sublime keyboard leads. Guitarist Brett Kull plays more of a supporting role, you won’t hear over the top solo’s, rather you have his expert rhythm and tasteful lead guitar in tracks such as “Empyrean Views”, which also offers a nice trade-off with Buzby to end the song. The effortless drumming of Paul Ramsey is perfect, and if you really listen, he will throw small fills in that complement the music. One of my favorite moments is the interplay with bassist Tom Hyatt on “Once I Get Mine” which has a great bassline in the verse.
One of my favorite characteristics of this band is the feeling and emotion that the music gives off. The ending of “All This Time We’re Given” is stunning, I can’t accurately describe the beauty and majesty in the ending when Chris Buzby plays a simple piano lick, that leads into the powerful vocal with the words “wont you shine on us again”, it simply gives me chills every time I listen. This is an epic ending, and to me the album’s highlight. At one point it almost sounds as if Weston backs off the microphone just a bit, and for some reason that moment just resonates with hope and life.
The band also has the uncanny ability to write those catchy earworm melodies that you can’t shake. “Vanishing Sun” has one of those moments with the line: “All he ever wanted was to disappear, all he ever wanted was to take his life back”. The previously mentioned “Once I Get Mine”, and “Different Days” also will have you signing in the shower or the car without the music playing.
I could talk about every track on end, but I have to also mention “Carried Home” which to me is another one of the hopelessly catchy melodies combined with an “epic” musically ending providing sheer listening bliss. If you were lucky enough to pre-order the album, you received an additional track that is not included in the CD, the laid-back “Love, Why Weren’t You Missed”, but this is no “extra”, as it seems to fit perfectly into the mix.
I do recommend that you visit echolyn.com and listen to samples of the band’s music, as echolyn is a truly unique listening experience. The band has also provided their thoughts on the making of this album, the insight behind the music makes a great companion while listening.
I have no comparisons for you, if you like adventurous musical arrangements that focus on creating great songs, then give echolyn a listen. I hope there are many more echolyn releases to come, each is a unique listening experience, and “I Heard You Listening” ranks with their best works.

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