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piątek, 22 wrzesień 2017
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V.A. - Napalm Rave vol.1 [CD][COMP]
środa, 13 wrzesień 2017
V.A. - Napalm Rave vol.1 [CD][COMP]
Sub Terranean ‎– SPV 086-38282

Genre:Hardcore, Gabber, Speedcore
Extractor:EAC v1.0 b3
Codec:WavPack 4.6

    Napalm Rave Vol.I cd1
    1-01 80 Aum Trauma (4:35)
    1-02 Dooms Day Machine Psychotic (4:14)
    1-03 Bass Inc. Who The Fuck Are You? (4:49)
    1-04 Motion 1 House On Fire (4:51)
    1-05 Joey Tonad Horny Rhythm (4:33)
    1-06 S.T.O.R.E. Fat Motherfucker (4:21)
    1-07 Virtual Industries Victim Of Hardware (3:36)
    1-08 Crash What About a Fucking War? (3:19)
    1-09 Psychopath Schizofrenia (4:29)
    1-10 Rotterdamnation Are We Oppressed? (4:23)
    1-11 D.J. Hellhound* Bash Your Brains In (4:23)
    1-12 Dave Morton Machinery (4:37)
    1-13 Incubus Just A Tempo (4:43)
    1-14 Ox Ox (3:18)
    1-15 Possessed, The (2) Believe (4:49)
    1.16 Trash D.J.* You're The Baddest M.F. (7:56)

    Napalm Rave Vol.I cd2
    2-01 80 Aum Kaos (3:47)
    2-02 Dooms Day Machine Mental Disorder (4:14)
    2-03 Bass Inc. What's Going Aum? (4:17)
    2-04 He User Elles D Is OK (4:25)
    2-05 Joey Tonado* Dance Orgasm (5:21)
    2-06 Second Division Corporation Dominator Revisited (3:56)
    2-07 Masters Of Torture Power Of Yoga (4:08)
    2-08 D.J. Hellhound* The Power Of Darkness (4:14)
    2-09 Psycho Dealer Orgasm Flow (4:18)
    2-10 Distortion Crew Aumthopia Hardtrance X.I.6. (2:28)
    2-11 Internal Error Candyman (4:13)
    2-12 Fast Food Junky Dogs Donuts And Money (3:52)
    2-13 S.T.O.R.E. Fuck This Shit (4:10)
    2-14 Lost Generation, The (2) Where Is The Youth? (3:34)
    2-15 Trash D.J.* To Hell With You (4:04)
    2-16 Bass Inc. Do You Suck Dicks? (4:37)
    2-17 Incubus Drop The Beat (4:25)
    2-18 Fuzz Bucket Trasher (4:55)

most of these trax can be found on 2 double vinyls cat. no. AUM 12 001 & 002 - trauma 1&2. this is seriously good classic dutch stuff, but not that kee-kee / kee-kee -- keeww... kee-kee / kee-kee -- keeeewwww bollocks dutch gabba which poisoned everything, i would say it's proto-terror / proto - speedcore. we're talking about the same league as stickhead, nordcore gmbh and gabba nation here. and the sound... oh dear. legendary.

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