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środa, 20 wrzesień 2017
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JARRE Jean Michel - Aero [DTS]
niedziela, 27 sierpień 2006
Rok / Year:2004
Rodzaj / Genre:electronic

  1. Aero Opening (0.16 min.)
  2. Scene 1 (0.33 min.)
  3. Oxygene 2 (7.12 min.)
  4. Scene 2 (0.31 min.)
  5. Aero (3.09 min.)
  6. Equinoxe 8 (1.26 min.)
  7. Oxygene 4 (4.16 min.)
  8. Scene 3 (0.32 min.)
  9. Souvenir Of China (4.1 min.)3
  10. Scene 4 (0.50 min.)
  11. Aerology (3.02 min.)
  12. Scene 5 (0.37 min.)
  13. Equinoxe 3 (6.08 min.)
  14. Scene 6 (0.26 min.)
  15. Equinoxe 4 (5.40 min.)
  16. Scene 7 (1.06 min.)
  17. Last Rendez Vous (4.41 min.)
  18. Scene 8 (0.27 min.)
  19. Zoolookology (3.34 min.)
  20. Scene 10 (0.16 min.)
  21. Aerozone (4.51 min.)
  22. Scene 9 (0:12 min.)
  23. Magnetic Fields 1 (5.42 min.)
  24. Scene 11 (0.17 min.)
  25. Chronology 6 (4.54 min.)
    Bonus Track:
  26. Rendez-Vous 4 (Live Version) (7.35 min.)

Jean Michel Jarre is proud to present his best compositions accompanied by four previously unreleased tracks on his new album entitled 'Aero', short for 'Anthology of Electronic Revisited Originals', to be released on 21 September 2004. 'Aero' marks Jean Michel's first Audio DVD release. All tracks have been newly recorded in order to take full advantage of the capabilities of Audio DVD's high resolution, 5.1 digital surround sound. The album was recorded by Jean Michel Jarre, Francis Rimbert & Patrick Pelamourgues. Joachim Garraud took care of the mixing and audio optimisation, as well as the creation of special transitional sequences linking the songs, the so called 'scenes' in the tracklist. As a pioneer of electronic music for over 20 years (selling over 60 million albums worldwide and performing record-breaking concerts), Jean Michel Jarre's global success has inspired a new generation of creators and one of the fastest growing trends in the industry. Today, Jean Michel Jarre continues the sound revolution with his forthcoming release AERO - the world's first album fully constructed, note for note, in 5.1 surround sound. With over 25 million households across the Europe now owning a Home Cinema surround sound system, the time for AERO has never been more right. Revisiting his greatest hits, together with three new tracks and a series of interlude scenes, the AERO experience is like nothing you have heard before. AERO places the listener 'inside' the music, rather than outside the flat 'wall' of stereo, immersing you in the way that first listening to music on headphones once did, although now in 360° surround sound. By moving from 2 channel (Stereo) to 5.1 channel (AERO), it literally takes the music into a whole new dimension. It has been compared to standing in an audio landscape rather than just looking at a picture. Overcoming daunting technical difficulties, Jean Michel Jarre engineered AERO entirely by himself having been unable to find an audio technician in the world that could help. This allowed him to exercise perfect artistic control, bringing the listener closer to the original vision of the music - the 'AEROspace' - he has always imagined but, until now, been unable to fully convey. Released in both DVD 5.1 surround sound and CD super stereo formats together, AERO ensures accessibility for AEROnauts everywhere. With emphasis almost entirely on the new audio dimension, visuals are kept to a minimum so as not to distract. Like the milestones of Mono (1877) and Stereo (1958) that went before it, AERO is a unique sound experience that will change the way we listen to music. This is your chance to be a part of history and hear the sound revolution.
Anthology of Electronic Revisited Originals

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